ISN Webinars: Speaker & Moderator Resources

Many thanks for accepting to present or moderate an ISN webinar. Below are resources for speakers and moderators to help them better prepare for their upcoming virtual event.


Talk Prep & Public Speaking Tips

Below are various short guides provided by the website ToastMasters geared towards improving your talk and perfecting your public speaking skills.

Effectively Introducing Speakers

How to Speak to Diverse Audiences

Developing your Presentation – Defining Purpose and Communicating it to your Audience

Why vocal variety is so important?

Podcasting with Purpose

Successful Webinar Execution Tips

How to Look and Sound Professional in your Webinar

In this short guide, ClickMeeting explains various technical elements that make your webinars look professional. The guide gives tips for success around webcam, lighting, microphone, internet connection and background noise.

The GoToWebinar Organizer & Presenter Checklist

Speakers and Moderators can follow this timeline provided by GoToWebinar to perfectly plan your next webinar.

How to Pre-Record a Presentation

This guide provided by Zoom gives simple steps to make a successful video recording to be used for webinars, virtual meetings, and more.