Community Film Event

The ISN Community Film Event: Share Your Kidney Care Story

  • How have your patients coped with a kidney disease diagnosis?
  • How does your medical team provide optimal care to kidney patients?

Your story makes a difference

In just 7 minutes or less, transform your experiences into a narrative to raise awareness and improve others’ understanding of the reality of living with kidney disease.

Sharing your story helps increase empathy and understanding of diversity: all stories are as uniquely valuable as those telling them.

The ISN Community Film Event enables you to tell your story by submitting a short film describing the impact of kidney diseases on patients and healthcare professionals in your community, or that provides education on renal topics.

Throughout the years, ISN has collected and shared many stories, often challenging to watch, but also filled with hope and inspiration as they are told with compassion, confidence, and courage. Don’t miss out on the chance to share your story!

The ISN Community Film Event is hosted during the annual World Congress of Nephrology. Learn more about the 2021 competition and how to submit your story via the WCN’21 website.

Get Inspired by Previous Winners and Finalists


“2021 ISN Film Community Best Film” winner

Life Beyond the Transplant
Submitted by: R. Pecoits Filho (Arbor Research Collaborative for Health, DOOPS Program, Ann Arbor, United States), R. Pine (Santa Casa de Curitiba Hospital, Nefrology, Curitiba, Brazil)

“WKD 2021 Best Film” winner

The Mountain in His Blood
Submitted by: J. Cledes (Fondation AUB SANTE, Nephrology – Dialysis, Saint-Gregoire, France), F. Hure (Fondation AUB Santé, Nephrology-Dialysis, Rennes, France)


Aham Kushalini
Submitted by: S. Thukral and D.S. Ray (RTIICS, Nephrology, Kolkata, India)


A Successful Story of an Underpriviledged Female Haemodialysis Patient
Submitted by: T.S. Kashem (Kidney Foundation Hospital and Research Institute, Nephrology, Dhaka, Bangladesh)


A Struggle for a Normal Life
Submitted by: C. Vieira ( Hospital Ernesto Dornelles, Nephrology, Porto Alegre, Brazil), J.D. Pereira, M.A. Sivino  and C. Schlee (Hospital Ernesto Dornelles, Hospital Ernesto Dornelles, Porto Alegre, Brazil)


Stop chronic kidney disease in rural areas
Submitted by: O. John (The George Institute for Global Health, Research and Development, New Delhi, India)


Mehwish – Challenging the Challenges (Story of a Dialysis Patient)
Submitted by: B. Jamil (Tabba Kidney Institute- Karachi- Pakistan., Nephrology, Karachi, Pakistan)



Hope is a walking dream
Director: Bhargavi Paruchuri (Vijayawada, India)

ISN Community Film Finalist - Dialysis, is this the end? Finalist

Dialysis; Is it the End?
Director: Abdelrahman Ahmad Alkholy (Assiut University, Internal Medicine Department- Nephrology Unit, Assiut, Egypt)

ISN Community Film Finalist - African Transplant Story Finalist

Hope – An African Transplant Story
Director: Warle Maina ( Ideas Unplugged and The Nairobi Hospital, Kenya
embedded video link

ISN Community Film Finalist- Maternal Love Finalist

Maternal Love
Director: The National Kidney Foundation, Malaysia

ISN Community Film Finalist - Pre-dialysis Education Value Finalist

Pre-dialysis Education Value
Director: Shaikha Ali (Sand Artist Mr Luc and Medical City Ajman Nephrology, Ajman, United Arab Emirates)

ISN Community Film finalist - the one inside Finalist

The One Inside
Director: Tuta Pine


ISN Community Film Winner - Dialysis Journey of a Sarawakian Winner

Dialysis Journey of a Sarawakian
(Director: Dr. Phui Vui Eng, Sarawak General Hospital, Nephrology unit, Kuching, Malaysia)

ISN Community Film Finalist - Hope conquers all Finalist

Hope Conquers All
Director: B. Berisha, College AAB, Masive Communication, Prishtina, Kosovo

ISN Community Film Finalist - Riding the Tide of Dialysis Finalist

Riding the Tide of Dialysis
Director: P. Kopperschmidt, Fresenius Medical Care D GmbH, Global Research & Development, Schweinfurt, Germany

ISN Community Film Finalist - Art in HD Finalist

Art in Hemodialysis
A. Baptista, Pro-Rim Foundation, Marketing Department, Joinville, Brazil
J. dos Santos, Pro-Rim Foundation, Marketing Department, Joinville, Brazil
F. Nerbass Ph.D., Pro-Rim Foundation, Research Department, Joinville, Brazil
V. Calice-Silva Ph.D., Pro-Rim Foundation, Research Department, Joinville, Brazil
D. Schmitz, Mottiva Movies, Marketing, Joinville, Brazil
M.A. Vieira, Pro-Rim Foundation, Foundation’s Chair, Joinville, Brazil

ISN Community Film Finalist - Patients Included Finalist

Director: N. Scholes-Robertson, Centre for Kidney Research, Beat-CKD, Armidale, Australia

ISN Commmunity Film - Dialysis Night Fever Highlight Film

Dialysis Night Fever – Stayin’ Alive
R. Smith, Top End Health Services, Renal Services, Nightcliff, Australia
P. Lawton, Menzies School of Health Research, Wellbeing & Preventable Chronic Diseases, Darwin, Australia

More videos submitted on the ISN YouTube Channel.