First microscopic description of the ‘glomeruli’

Sabine Karam MD

The Italian anatomist Marcello Malpighi (1628–1694), often referred to as the founder of microscopical anatomy, is credited for the first microscopic description of the glomeruli. He described them as dark, vascular structures resembling fruit suspended from a branch (… quae sanguineis vasis atro liquore turgidis in speciolae arbori formam productis, velut poma appenduntur). He demonstrated their continuity with the renal vasculature in ‘De renibus,’ a section of ‘De Viscerum Structura Exercitatio Anatomica’, originally published in Bologna, Italy, in 1666 and then in London, in 1669(1). In 1782, Alexander Schlumlanski (1758-1795) described ‘de Structura renum’ in his dissertation as a connection between the circulation and the uriniferous tubules, deduced by experimenting on pig kidneys(2). However, it was the surgeon and anatomist William Bowman (1816-1892) who elucidated the capillary architecture of the glomerulus and the continuity between its surrounding capsule and the proximal tubule in detail (see Discovery #3 by Lili Zhou). He presented his findings in the paper "On the Structure and Use of the Malpighian Bodies of the Kidney"(3). Nonetheless, the term glomerulus would come into usage only a few years later in the mid-nineteenth century. It seems to be derived from the Latin word ‘glomus’, which means ‘ball of thread’(4).


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