Dec 04 2023
December 4, 2023

Interactive Roundtable Webinar: Basics of Statistics for a Successful Start in Clinical Research Curriculum

  • 3 PM CET

This interactive webinar will be a virtual live round table discussion with course directors and speakers to discuss salient questions regarding the statistics curriculum entitled “Basics of Statistics to Get Started in Clinical Research”. This online curriculum consisted of 6 topic presentations aimed to cover key aspects of statistics that could assist nephrologists and related healthcare professionals worldwide to better appraise literature, enhance clinical research proposals, analyze and interpret data from clinical trials and observational studies and to build collaborative research networks.

This webinar will allow broader discussion about challenges to develop and sustain research in low-resource settings.

Please note that this webinar will be only accessible to participants who have completed the recorded sessions and corresponding pre-test questions: ISN YNC Curriculum: Basics of Statistics for a Successful Start in Clinical Research


Learning objectives:

  • Discuss questions related to the curriculum’s key topics
  • Explore challenges and strategies for research in low-resource settings
  • Inform future strategies to support and advance research initiatives in resource-limited settings


Javier Neyra (USA)

Andrea Viecelli (Australia)


Etienne Macedo (USA)

Amelie Bernier-Jean (Canada)

Rolando Claure Del Granado (Bolivia)

Marina Wainstein (Australia)

Jin Chen (USA)

Ashutosh Tamhane (USA)

Eric Au (Australia)