Jun 16 2023
June 16, 2023

ISN-IPNA Across-the-Lifespan Joint Webinar: Pediatric Perspectives in the Diagnosis and Management of Lupus Nephritis

  • 3:30 PM CET

Lupus nephritis is an important glomerular disease in both children and adults that may lead to adverse kidney outcomes and treatment-associated toxicities. The scope of this webinar is to describe the similarities in measures and therapies for lupus nephritis in children and adults and to also address crucial differences in pathogenesis, treatment considerations and outcomes for these groups of patients.

Learning objectives: 

  1. Define differences in pathogenesis for childhood-onset and adult-onset lupus nephritis
  2. Highlight and compare the important consideration in managing lupus nephritis in children and adults, e.g., value of repeat kidney biopsy, duration of maintenance immunosuppression, opportunities for new treatments (and how to extrapolate to paediatric population), and potential for complications (short stature, malignancy, pregnancy risks, etc.)
  3. Discuss and identify likely explanations for differences long-term outcomes in lupus nephritis between children and adults.
  4. Discuss the importance of transition care in managing adolescent patients moving into adulthood and the outcomes of adult survivors with childhood-onset lupus nephritis.


Elena Levtchenko (The Netherlands)


Hui Kim Yap (Singapore)

Brad Rovin (USA)

Stephen Marks (UK)