Dec 15 2022
December 15, 2022

ISN Middle East Regional Board Webinar: Hypertension in the Middle East Region

  • 5:00 PM CST

This webinar will address hypertension as a major disease of interest to the kidney care community, especially in the Middle East region. It is relevant to nephrologists, cardiologists, kidney fellows, kidney nutritionists and colleagues in public health.

In addition to short lectures, it will feature a panel discussion on how national societies can set agendas on hypertension.

Learning objectives:

  • Present the current state of hypertension in the Middle East region, including issues encountered in limited-resource settings
  • Highlight strategies for hypertension screening
  • Discuss the role of dietary sodium and potassium in blood pressure control


Shokoufeh Savaj (Iran)

Ali Abu-Alfa (Lebanon)


Sunil Nadar (UK)

Sola Bahouth (Lebanon)

Shahrzad Shahidi (Iran)

Lama Ghazi (USA)