Jan 10 2023
January 10, 2023

ISN Webinar: How to Apply for the Clinical Research Program: Tips and Tricks From the Program Chairs on What Makes for a Successful Application

  • 9:00 AM CET

The ISN Clinical Research Program (CRP) offers grants to researchers in low, lower-middle, and upper-middle income countries to support research projects to detect and manage non-communicable chronic diseases such as CKD, AKI, hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Applications are accepted once per year on May 1st. In this webinar, ISN Clinical Research Committee Chair Arpana Iyengar (India) and Deputy Chair Rob Walker (New Zealand) will discuss the most important points for applicants to keep in mind while designing a study and writing the proposal to submit it for grant consideration, as well as common pitfalls to avoid. This webinar is intended for anyone who is considering applying to the ISN’s Clinical Research Program, in 2023 or beyond. To learn more about the CRP, click here.

Learning objectives:

  • Become familiar with the application process for the ISN Clinical Research Program
  • Discover resources available to researchers in low, lower-middle, and upper-middle-income countries to strengthen research skills before applying
  • Identify common pitfalls to avoid when applying for a Clinical Research grant


Arpana Iyengar – India
Rob Walker – New Zealand