Feb 09 2023
February 9, 2023

ISN Webinar: Pros and cons of public private partnership in developing dialysis services in resource limited settings

  • 2:00 PM CET

Growing dialysis services in any setting can be a challenge but especially so when resources are limited. One way of achieving the capital investment required to develop services is through public private partnership (PPP). This webinar will focus on what such partnerships can achieve, providing participants with an in depth understanding of both the benefits and the potential disadvantages and how to mitigate against these. Starting with a description of a successful PPP implementation from Georgia, the panel will share experiences from around the world and attempt to define PPP, recognizing that this definition will differ by jurisdiction. Key aspects to be discussed will include standards, costs, contracts, scope of the service (what should, must or must not be included), ethics, management of uncontrolled growth and third-party costs (e.g. out of pocket expenses). 

Learning objectives:

  • This webinar is designed to complement the ISN-WHO framework for developing dialysis in low-resources settings (see reading materials)
  • Overview of the role that PPP has to play in developing and growing dialysis services
  • An understanding of how a successful PPP works, what to look for in setting up a successful PPP contract and the potential pitfalls 

Further reading:

  1. ISN Framework Dialysis Report HIRES


Simon Davies (UK)


Irma Tchokhonelidze (Georgia)

Charles Swanepoel (South Africa)

Guillermo Garcia Garcia (Mexico)

Matt Williams (Kenya)

Thandiwe Dlamini (Eswatini)

Christopher E. Atwater (USA)