Nov 02 2023
November 2, 2023

ISN-WIN India Webinar: Exploring Bone Health and Paraneoplastic Glomerular Diseases in Nephrology

  • 2:00 PM CET

This educational session delves into two significant aspects of nephrology, with a focus on understanding the impact of health disorders in patients with kidney disease and exploring glomerular diseases associated with malignancies.

In the first part, we examine the evolving landscape of bone health in end-stage kidney disease. Mineral and bone disorders (MBD) in chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients are well-known contributors to increased morbidity and mortality, affecting their overall quality of life. We will discuss the shifting patterns of renal osteodystrophy (ROD), emphasizing the rising prevalence of adynamic bone disease and its potential implications for cardiovascular disease and fracture risk. Optimizing bone health in CKD patients is crucial for reducing cardiovascular risks, and this session highlights diagnostic, management, and treatment recommendations in line with the KDIGO Guidelines. We also explore recent findings on clinical practice guidelines, lifestyle modifications, laboratory targets, and therapeutic approaches aimed at improving outcomes in CKD-MBD.

In the second part, we shift our focus to paraneoplastic glomerular diseases, a group of glomerular disorders linked to malignancies. These diseases may result from immunological or non-immunological mechanisms directly related to the malignancy, occurring either before or after the cancer diagnosis. Diagnosing these complex glomerular conditions requires establishing causation, and treatment often involves addressing the underlying malignancy. We examine the definition of paraneoplastic glomerular diseases, the intricacies of diagnosis and treatment, and their impact on long-term outcomes and prognosis.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the evolving pathogenesis of mineral and bone disorders (MBD) in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and their significance in nephrology.
  • Recognize the profound impact of MBD on patients’ well-being, especially in limited-resource settings.
  • Describe the current diagnostic, management, and treatment recommendations outlined in the KDIGO Guidelines for CKD-MBD.
  • Gain insights into the rationale behind current treatment strategies for CKD-MBD and their potential benefits.
  • Define paraneoplastic glomerular diseases and distinguish them from other glomerular disorders.
  • Understand the complexity of diagnosing and treating paraneoplastic glomerular diseases and their association with underlying malignancies.
  • Evaluate the prognosis and long-term outcomes of patients with paraneoplastic glomerular diseases.


Saraladevi Naicker (South Africa)

Swarnalata Guditi (India)


Mayuri Trivedi (India)

Rasha Ahmed Darwish (Egypt)