SRC Mexico-Canada

What difference did you make through your Sister Center partnership?

Before we joined the ISN SRC Program in 2008, we had signed a Letter of Understanding between our institutions organizing the training of fellows in Edmonton. In 2008, the CKD Prevention Clinic was opened. Over 1500 patients have received multidisciplinary kidney care at the clinic.

In 2009, the Interventional Nephrology Unit opened. We now train physicians from other countries in the use of this technique, helping to build capacity.

Thanks to our collaboration, our fellowship program was recognized as a Program of Excellence by the Mexican Council of Science and Technology. In 2013, the program was upgraded to the highest International Competence level.

We graduated from the ISN SRC in 2015. Our collaboration has resulted in 9 publications in peer-reviewed journals; with over 100 papers, 2 books, and 10 book chapters published since 2006, our program is now placed among the research leaders in Mexico.

What does the future look like?

We plan to renew our Letter of Understanding and continue our academic exchange and our program on prevention and control of kidney diseases.