ISN-ISPD Webinar: Incremental PD: Personalized PD


ISN-ISPD Webinar: Incremental PD: Personalized PD

Although there has been recent, and emerging interest in incremental peritoneal dialysis, the notion of personalizing the initial PD prescription and intensifying the PD prescription over time in response to changing clinical needs and individualized goals has long been part of high-quality PD prescribing. In this webinar, we will provide an introduction and framework to define incremental PD understanding what incremental PD is and what it is isn’t, while providing the evidence-based and rationale to support its use, with practical case-based discussions to follow.


  1. To provide practical examples of how incremental PD can be prescribed.
  2. To distinguish between incremental PD and other PD strategies such as palliative or low clearance non-incremental PD
  3. To appreciate how person-centred care principles can interact with incremental PD strategies

Further Reading 

Blake PG, Dong J, Davies SJ. Incremental Peritoneal Dialysis Perit Dial Int 2020 40:320-26

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