Awards Cycles

The Lillian Jean Kaplan International Prize for Advancement in the Understanding of Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) recognizes individuals exhibiting excellence and leadership in PKD clinical or basic research and whose seminal scientific work constitutes a tangible achievement toward improving the knowledge and treatment of PKD.

The 50,000 USD cash prize is one of the most significant awards in the medical research field. Created in 2002, the Lillian Jean Kaplan International PKD Prize was established by the PKD Foundation (USA) and the ISN through the generosity of Thomas and Dafna Kaplan of New York, USA, in memory of Mr. Kaplan’s mother, Lillian Jean Kaplan, who was a PKD sufferer and died in 2002.

The Jean Hamburger Award recognizes exceptional research in nephrology with a clinical emphasis. The award was established in memory of Jean Hamburger: pioneer of clinical nephrology, and founding president of the ISN.

The Bywaters Award recognizes outstanding contributions made to the understanding of Acute Kidney Injury. The award was established in honor of Eric Bywaters, who described crush syndrome in the 1940s.

The Alfred Newton Richards Award recognizes outstanding basic research in fields relevant to nephrology. The award was established in memory of Alfred Newton Richards, who developed kidney tubule micro-puncture in his laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania where he served as chairman of pharmacology for over three decades.

The Roscoe R. Robinson Award acknowledges outstanding achievements in the field of education in nephrology and medicine. The award was established in memory of Roscoe ‘Ike’ Robinson, the internationally recognized physician, educator, and researcher, founding Editor of Kidney International, and past-president of the ISN.

The ISN Pioneer Awards honor the ‘unsung heroes’ of nephrology: doctors who have carried out extraordinary efforts to advance nephrology in a specific country or region. Without their dedication, nephrology would be far behind its current state in their home country.