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ISN Fellowship Program: results are out!

ISN is happy to announce the outcome of the last call for application to the ISN Fellowship Program. To get the full list of ISN Fellows who will be joining the program, CLICK HERE.

Today, 30 candidates have been successfully accepted into the program and will receive ISN funding for their fellowship. This time around, there were 44 applications and eight extensions – 11 long-term and 11 short-term fellowships.

Out of all the applications, 21 were joint partnerships.The ISN-Amgen Honorary Fellowship has gone to Elsa Chissico from Mozambique. The ISN-Schrier Family Fellowship has been awarded to Patience Ngozi Obiagwe from Nigeria.

The next application deadline for the ISN Fellowship Program is June 15, 2014. CLICK HERE for more information.

For more information on the ISN Global Outreach Program and deadlines for other programs, CLICK HERE.

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