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ISN publications on CKDu

This is an annotated bibliography created in 2018 and 2019 as an accompaniment to ISN publications:

General Review

CKDu in India

CKDu in MesoAmerica

CKDu in Sri Lanka

Existing positions and policy papers

World Health Organization – Pan American Health Organization

“Chronic Kidney Disease in Agricultural Communities in Central America.”

ISN meetings on CKDu to date

  • ASN 2016: First meeting of interested stakeholders
  • WCN 2017: i3C group is created
  • ASN 2017: Four subgroups meet: Detection, Molecular, Intervention, Awareness-raising
  • 2018: NIH Meeting held
  • WCN 2019: i3C group meets
  • ASN 2019: i3C core group meets

A multi-disciplinary group of nephrologists, pathologists, epidemiologists, anthropologists, and occupational health experts attended the following meetings:

i3C meetings_pie chart
[ISN Sister Renal Center grant, Kandy Teaching Hospital, Kandy, Sri Lanka]

The ISN funds a sister center collaboration to expand the use of PD in endemic settings in Sri Lanka, leading to a dramatic increase in census and quality of delivered care[1]. This partnership developed an educational curriculum that is the most used PD curriculum on the ISN Academy website.

The burden and causes of CKDu are mostly unknown; additional multi-disciplinary research in the area is crucial. Groups worldwide are attempting to understand the condition more fully and may be working in parallel, unaware of ongoing studies.

As part of its Collaboration Plan with the World Health Organization, the ISN has committed to developing the ISN Observatory of CKDu to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge to raise awareness of CKDu.

The i3C designed the platform to collect and provide an inventory of necessary information on current human studies in CKDu.

The data are obtained from researchers and shared on the ISN Observatory of CKDu to encourage further collaborations and exchange.