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New: Read the DICG Newsletter

The Declaration of Istanbul on Organ Trafficking and Transplant Tourism (DICG), a joint initiative of the Transplantation Society and the ISN, has begun publishing a monthly newsletter.

Read the second issue of the DICG newsletter here.

The current edition highlights:

  • A message from the Co-Chair of the DICG, Sanjay Nagral.
  • Recent news articles related to the DOI’s concerns.
  • A selection of complementary publications contributing to the understanding of racial discrimination in organ donation and transplantation.

The DICG council hosts regular thematic discussions on topics relevant to the DOI’s concerns:

The impact of transplantation in the private sector; Lessons from South Asia,” led by Sanjay Nagral, took place in February.

Gender disparity in access to transplantation,” led by Nancy Ascher, will be held this month.

Look out for the reports on these topics in upcoming editions of the DICG newsletter.

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