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Raising Awareness Through Inspiring Tales of Resilience: The ISN Community Film Event

Relating personal stories of kidney health challenges and the resilience needed to face them raises awareness of the impact of poor kidney health on patients and their families and accentuates the necessity of equitable access to life-saving treatment.

The ISN is currently inviting members to film an account of people living with or treating kidney diseases. Find out more and submit your film here.

Last year, we received dozens of inspiring stories like the ones below. Watch all the 2021 finalists here.

Life Beyond the Transplant

Bruno, from Brazil, lost his business when he became ill with Polycystic Kidney Disease. Since undergoing a kidney transplant in 2019, he has fully recovered and can now earn a living again.

The Mountain in His Blood

Fabrice, from France, is under dialysis three nights a week and has been waiting for a transplant for twenty years. He challenged himself to run the 112 km long Bourbon trail in the Reunion Islands.

A Successful Story of an Underprivileged Female Haemodialysis Patient

Anguri Begum, from India, was told by doctors that she didn’t have long to live before her son found a kidney foundation that provided her with regular, life-saving dialysis. She makes and sells jewelry and runs a small grocery store to pay for her treatment.

The deadline for submissions is December 8, 2021.

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