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Explore World Kidney Day 2022 Activities and Start Planning Your Event Now

In just two months, on March 10, 2022, thousands of World Kidney Day (WKD) activities will take place around the globe and in a community near you.

Are you ready to play your part in promoting the 2022 theme Kidney Health for All – bridge the knowledge gap to better kidney care?

The newly updated World Kidney Day Activities Guide provides dozens of ideas and activities on how to get involved in publicizing kidney health. In addition, the guide presents key facts and figures on kidney diseases to help you inform the public and highlight the importance of marking WKD.

Once you have planned your initiative in line with local, covid-19-related public health guidelines, be sure to advertise the event. You can start by pinning your activity on the World Kidney Day interactive map.

Join the ISN, alongside hundreds of colleagues and kidney care campaigners worldwide, to improve understanding of and help prevent kidney diseases and make a difference in the lives of kidney patients.

Help us advance kidney health worldwide
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