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Webinar: An Update on Initiatives to Advance Kidney Health in First Nations Peoples of Australia/Aotearoa NZ

OSEA Regional Board

Kidney diseases impact Indigenous Peoples at a young age, while treatments are often delayed, or not delivered according to best practice.

Inequities in care quality are due to the ongoing impacts of colonisation, racism, marginalisation, leading to poorer healthcare delivery. These factors directly impact delivery of preventative care, timely referral to secondary services, and home and community based care including kidney transplantation.

Healthcare systems and clinicians have a pivotal role in providing safe and effective care for kidney diseases among Indigenous Peoples through healthcare system governance, design and resourcing, informed by Indigenous values, knowledge, practices and priorities.

In this webinar, we will tell the story of key initiatives that enable best practices to advance Indigenous kidney health, including the challenges and successes. In attending this webinar, you will develop awareness of specific approaches to healthcare delivery for advancing Indigenous health and how these are applicable to your own health setting and communities.

This webinar is organized by the ISN Oceania and South East Asia Regional Board. The webinar is a shared event and discussion space for community members and health professionals.

Learning objectives: 

– To provide an update on the initiatives to promote kidney health in First Nations People of Australia and New Zealand.
– To share stories of successes and lessons learnt together with the First Nations People.
– To raise awareness and promote indigenous kidney health in this region as well as globally.

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