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Explore the Reshaped ISN International Network of Chronic Kidney Disease Cohort Studies (iNET-CKD) Network Map

The newly updated ISN iNET-CKD Network cohorts map features a new layout, revised information on cohorts, and additional data.

Access the ISN iNET-CKD Network cohorts map here.

The ISN iNET-CKD Network is one-of-a-kind. It tracks ongoing chronic kidney disease (CKD) cohort studies located worldwide, facilitating an exchange of insights into CKD progression and its global implications.

This network’s wealth of information is demonstrated in numerous papers that have used its collaborative data. Access the publications here.

Mila Tang co-authored one such paper, “Regional Variation in Hemoglobin Distribution Among Individuals With CKD: the ISN International Network of CKD Cohorts.” Dr. Tang commended the network’s “strength in diversity” and highlighted the advantage of gaining a comprehensive perspective through this collaboration.

Would you like to join the iNET-CKD Network? Check the eligibility criteria and apply here.

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