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The ISN Global Kidney Health Atlas will gather data to determine the world status of existing resources, structures and organizations available to patients with CKD and AKI.

The Atlas is designed to document the degree to which the six principles of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) (http://universalhealthcoverageday.org), (Health Finance, Health Policy, Service Delivery and Safety, Essential Medications and Health Products, Health Information and Statistics, and Health Workforce) are available in each country, or region.

In so doing, the Atlas will serve as a baseline to define current state (2016-7) and key gaps in specific areas and regions. This information will inform local and international bodies regarding key activities that are needed to improve outcomes, including implications for health care policy within the global health agenda. Future work will include tools and implementation of regional and national strategies to address these gaps in the longer term.

As the Atlas will be regularly updated, it will give a ‘scorecard’ or ability to track progress in each region and country.

Data is currently being compiled thanks to input from a balanced representation of national nephrology societies, policy makers, kidney foundations, patient organizations and advocacy groups.


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