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Outcome WKD 2013: Acute Kidney Injury – Stop Kidney Attack!

WKD2013-Campaign webWorld Kidney Day (WKD) started with an extraordinary bang this year, as the new website was launched – giving everybody even more of a reason to share what they were doing on the day.

The site is filled with new features including an event map, access to bright new materials and social media discussions. The theme of the next World Kidney Day is Chronic Kidney Disease and the date has been set for March 13, 2014. Stay tuned for more at

In its eighth year, the campaign was a roaring success once again with 542 events in 157 countries. Country participation has grown fast in a very short time compared to 11 countries taking part in the first World Kidney Day in 2006. This time, the most active countries were USA, India, Canada, UK, Malaysia, Thailand and Brazil. Acute Kidney Injury was a theme that was embraced globally. Social media sites were buzzing: 2,520 active WKD friends on Facebook, more than 8,000 views of the WKD video, and 1,576
followers counted on Twitter.

During this campaign, World Kidney Day received more recognition from policy makers. There was active participation from Ministries of Health in a growing number of countries. World Kidney Day was also officially endorsed by the European Medicines Agency and recognized by the US National Institutes of Health and US Centers for disease control.

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