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CRRT 2014 Live broadcasts

CRRT 2014 Live broadcasts

ISN Education teams up again this year with CRRT2014 to offer live broadcasts of selected plenary sessions from the 19th International Conference on Continuous Renal Replacement Therapies: Acute Kidney Injury: Controversies, Challenges and Solutions and Advances in Critical Care that will be held in San Diego from March 4-7, 2014. More details about the broadcasted sessions are now available.

 Registrations to the live broadcast sessions are now open.


Have a look at the program of live broadcasts: (click on the dates for quick access).

Wednesday 5 March 2014 (Afternoon PST)

Thursday 6 March 2014 (Morning and Afternoon PST)

Friday 7 March 2014 (Morning PST)


Wednesday 5 March

Plenary 1 MINI-SYMPOSIA: Organ Dysfunction in the Critically Ill Patient: Emerging Concepts (from 13:10 to 15:45 PST)

  • Opening Remarks, by Ravindra L. Mehta, MBBS, MD, DM, FACP,
  • Human Adaptations to Hypoxia: Lessons for Critical Illness, by Monty Mythen, MB BS, FRCA, MD, FFI
  • Prospects for a Vascular Therapy in Sepsis, by Samir Parikh, MD
  • Pathophysiology of Critical Illness: The Role of Glycocalyx, by Matthias Jacob, MD
  • Critical Care Normality: Individualized Versus Protocolized Care, by Julia Wendon, MD
  • Modulating the Human Innate Response: The Iceman Cometh, by Peter Pickkers, MD, PhD
  • Spleen the Forgotten Organ in Critical Illness, by Mark D. Okusa, MD
  • Acute Lung injury and ARDS: What’s New? by Kathleen Liu, MD, PhD, MAS
  • SPECIAL LECTURE: ISN “0 by 25” A Human Rights Case for Health Equity: Acute Kidney Failure in Poor Countries Should No Longer be a Death Sentence, by Giuseppe Remuzzi, MD

Plenary 2 – MINI-SYMPOSIA Acute Kidney Injury (AKI): Pathophysiology (from 14:15-18:30 PST)

  • Subclinical AKI: A New Entity, by Claudio Ronco, MD
  • The Rising Tide of AKI – Epidemic or Hype?by Edward Siew, MD
  • Consequences of Hypoxia in AKI, by Kent Doi, MD
  • Community-acquired AKI in Tropical Countries, by Vivek Jha, MD
  • Atypical HUS and AKI by Bradley Dixon, MD
  • The Furosemide Stress Test: A Means to Evaluate Incipient AKI? by Lakhmir S. Chawla, MD
  • Panel Discussion



Thursday 6 March

Plenary 3 – MINI-SYMPOSIA Tribal Customs in Critical Care Nephrology: Why We Do What We Do Part 1 (From 9:45-12:30 PST)

FLUID Management Strategies for Resuscitation and Hemodynamic Support

  • Recommendations From ADQI Assessment of Plasma Volume, by Bruce Molitoris, MD
  • Diagnostics for Vascular Health, by Monty Mythen, MD
  • What Type of Fluid to Give? by Patrick Murray,
  • When and How to Give Fluid, by Eric Hoste, MD
  • Fluid Mobilization, by Marlies Ostermann, MD

Part 2 At Risk for AKI: What Should We Do?

  • ACE/ARB’s: Stop or Continue? by Norbert Lameire, MD
  • Focus on Hydration, by Paul Palevsky, MD
  • Prevention of AKI in Sepsis, by Michael Joannidis, MD
  • Ischemic Preconditioning, by Joe Bonventre, MD
  • Statins for AKI: Friend or Foe? by Peter McCullough, MD
  • SPECIAL LECTURE Harmonizing Guidelines: Lessons from Surviving Sepsis Campaign, by Phil Dellinger, MD

Plenary 4 MINI SYMPOSIA: Targeting Renal Recovery: Report From the Roundtable (From 14:00- 15:30 PST)

  • Epidemiology of Renal Recovery: What do We Know? by Sean Bagshaw, MD, MSc, FRCPC
  • Biology of Renal Recovery: Molecules, Mechanism and Pathways, by Mark D. Okusa, MD
  • Enhancing Recovery After AKI: Targets and Interventions, by Kathleen Liu, MD, PhD, MA
  • The Economics of Renal Recovery, by Andrew D. Shaw, MB FRCA FCCM FFICM
  • Management of the AKI Survivor: It Takes a Village, by Chris McIntyre, MD
  • Long Term Outcomes After Renal Epithelial Cell Cycle Arrest, by Lakhmir S. Chawla, MD

Plenary 5 MINI SYMPOSIA: Challenges and Controversies in Renal Support and CRRT (From 14:00 to 18:00 PST)

  • Circulatory Stress During Dialysis: Contributor to Endotoxemia? by Chris McIntyre, MD
  • Can We Use Biomarkers to Refine RRT? by Dinna Cruz, MD, MPH
  • Time, Timing and Timeliness: Changing Paradigms for RRT, by Ravindra L. Mehta, MBBS, MD, DM, FACP,
  • Intradialytic Hypotension: The Holy Grail for RRT, by Nitin Kohle, MD
  • Peritoneal Dialysis: An Alternate CRRT for AKI?by Rajasekara Chakravarthi, MD, DNB (Nephrology)
  • Assessing the Impact of AKI on Convalescent Renal Function at Hospital Discharge, by John Prowle, MA MSc MD MRCP FFICM
  • Adapting to Adversity: Drug Shortages in CRRT, by Ashita Tolwani, MD
  • KIDMO – Kidney Interventions During Membrane Oxygenation, by Geoffrey Fleming, MD



Friday, 7 March

Plenary 6 MINI SYMPOSIA: Raising Awareness of AKI (frrom 7:30-10:15 PST)

  •  Leveraging the EMR to Find Out Who Has AKI in Your Center, by Scott Sutherland, MD
  • Drug Induced Kidney Injury: Lessons from the O’Brien Center DIRECT Study, by Linda Awdishu, PharmD, MAS
  • Predicting AKI in the ICU, by Etienne Macedo, MD, PhD
  • Biomarkers in AKI: Ready for Prime Time? by Kianoush Kashani, MD
  • eResearch and Big Data: Why Personalized Medicine is Made For AKI, by John A. Kellum, MD
  •  How do We Improve Global AKI Medical Education, by Andrew Lewington, MD
  • The Changing Face of AKI: Snapshots from Around the World, by Emmanuel Burdmann, MD, PhD, Zoltan Endre, MD, PhD, Vivek Jha, MD, Oliver Joannes-Boyau, MD, Marlies Ostermann, Dr, Li Yang, M

Plenary 7 MINI SYMPOSIA: Emerging Strategies in AKI and Extracorporeal Support (From 10:45-13:00 PST)

  • Update from Ongoing and Late Breaking Trials (approx. 10 minutes each)
    • Sean Bagshaw, MD, MSc, FRCPC
    • Robert Brenner, MD
    • Phil Dellinger, MD
    • John A. Kellum, MD
    • Samina Khan, MD
    • Bhupinder Singh, Dr.
    • James A. Tumlin, MD

1. Polymixin Binding Filter for Sepsis: EUPHRATES Trial – Dellinger
2. ZS-9 Trial – Singh
3. Stem Cells for AKI: Allocure Trial – Brenner
4. STARRT Trial Timing of Dialysis – Bagshaw
5. Abbvie Trial for Post Op AKI – Khan
6. Thrasos Trial for Post Cardiac Surgery AKI – Tumlin
7. Topaz Trial – Kellum

  • Critical Care Nephrology: Literature Review, by Noel Gibney, MB FRCP(C)

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