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Integrated pathology of renal diseases head talks at CME in China

This July, a Continuing Medical Education (CME) course took place Zhengzhou and Beijing, China. It was organized in two parts and focused on the topic of integrated pathologic diagnosis of renal diseases and improving techniques.The first part was organized under auspices of the 2014 International Forum of Renal Pathology and the 9th National Renal Pathology Conference in Beijing. The second part took place at the 2014 Harvard and Zhengzhou University Sister Renal Center (SRC) Forum.

Renal pathology was the theme of the first section of the course with over 100 participating pathologists and nephrologists from surrounding renal centers and 30 members of staff from the Institute of Nephrology, First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University (INPU). ISN Educational Ambassador Dr Bijol gave lectures on C3 glomerularnephritis and highlighted teaching cases. Dr. Bonventre gave a lecture on Urinary biomarker during kidney injury and Dr Couser spoke on the mechanisms of immune glomerular injury. Two lectures were also given by faculty from INPU. Dr. Su-xia Wang talked about amyloidosis and Prof. Haiyan Wang spoke about renal pathology and clinical problems.  Nearly 30 cases were collected from different renal centers in China. Dr Bijol and Dr Bonventre also attended the case discussions and gave excellent comments.

The second part of the course was held at the SRC Forum in Zhengzhou. Nearly 300 pathologists and nephrologists from renal centers in the Henan province participated with staff from INPU, Harvard and Washington University. Among many talks, Dr. Haiyan Wang gave a lecture on environmental pollution and kidney injury and Dr. Minghui Zhao Spoke about the research experience of a clinician, Dr. Su-xia Wang gave a lecture on diagnosing rare glomerular diseases. Dr. Yuqing Chen gave a lecture on hyperuricemia and kidney. Four intreactive cases were also discussed.

Every year, ISN CMEs bring essential teaching and training to some 14,000 doctors and healthcare practitioners in the emerging world. To find out about applying to this program, CLICK HERE.

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