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A fabulous World Congress of Nephrology for South Asia

The recently concluded World Congress of Nephrology in Cape Town was by all accounts a resounding success. The opening ceremony was fabulous with great interactive entertainment and fantastic inspiring addressees by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Editor of the Lancet Richard Horton.

Of note, South Asia has done fabulously well in this meeting. There was a large contingent from all countries in the region, comprising over 200 attendees. A large number of young investigators from South Asia received travel grants to attend the meeting. Congratulations to everyone.

Three of the four named ISN Awards and two Young Investigator awards went to eminent nephrologists of South Asian extraction. Let us join in extending our congratulations to them and our sense of pride at their achievements. Indeed, these examples will serve to motivate nephrologists in the region – young and not so young – to emulate them and bring further glory to the region.

Dr Ravi Mehta, Chair of the ISN 0by25 initiative presented a great tribute to Dr Chugh, CLICK HERE.

Roscoe R. Robinson Award: Dr Georgi Abraham (Chennai)

Bywaters Award: Dr KS Chugh (Chandigarh)

Jean Hamburger Award: Dr Manikkam Suthanthiran (New York)

ISN Pioneer Award: Dr S Adibul Hasan Rizvi (Karachi)

Young investigator awards

Dr Aruna Rakha Arora received the Young Investigator Award for top basic research from a developing country. Her work is entitled: “The effect of mesenchymal stem cell infusion on immune reporter of kidney transplant recipients.”


Dr Raja Ramachandran was awarded the Young Investigator Award for top clinical research from a developing country. His work is entitled: “A randomised controlled trial of tacrolimus and modified Ponticelli regime in idiopathic membranous nephropathy.”


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