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Balkan endemic nephropathy

Members of the Society of Nephrology, dialysis and transplantation in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized screenings in Bosanska Posavina, as a part of the “Program Program of detection of chronic kidney diseases in high-risk population in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

The project is supported by the ISN Clinical Research Program.

They looked into Balkan endemic nephropathy (BEN), a chronic tubulointersticial nephropathy diagnosed in a few agrarian regions of the Balkans. Although much has been written about this tenacious endemic over the past 50 years, its precise etiology is still unknown.

According to the Renal Register of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are around 15% of BEN patients on chronic dialysis program, but no official data on the number of pre-dialysis BEN patients, because of a lack of adequate demographic data and screening or systematic examinations of the population living in the affected region since 1991.

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