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Latest ISN Educational Ambassador visit to Mongolia

Following a great ISN Sister Center partnership, the State Second General Hospital of Mongolia welcomed ISN Educational Ambassador Mohamed Atta for an interactive clinical nephrology training course.

Junior nephrologists were trained in the latest renal biopsy procedures and monitored the patients before and after the biopsy. Dr Atta worked on understanding local needs to advance the procedure.

Narnygerel Erdenebileg explains: “It is invaluable to comprehend the clinical use of the current and new treatment methods in particular diabetic kidney disease, acute kidney injury. Most importantly, understanding renal biopsy results and their use deciding treatment.”

Local staff were also introduced to the results of international studies, clinical trials and recommendations to improve their practice.

ISN Educational Ambassador Program is becoming effective in increasing the capability of local medical communities and bringing the necessary advances in nephrology to these institutes.

The hope is that these junior nephrologists will continue learning by working remotely with the Educational Ambassador, guiding so they decide on the optimal treatment following a particular diagnosis. However, we have some difficulties with the renal biopsy needle, ultrasound quality.

The deadline to apply for the ISN Educational Ambassador Program is October 1st, 2015. For further information, CLICK HERE.

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