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Independent Investigators

Mentoring researchers in developing countries, the ISN Clinical Research Program now also funds projects in specific areas of intervention – closing the gaps in kidney care.

Improving research should lead to better patient care. Particularly, in lower and middle income nations where mentorship, infrastructure and funds for research differ. One of five pillars within the ISN Programs, the Clinical Research Program strives to make today’s research more sustainable and build independent investigators who become leaders in their regions.

Program Chair Marcello Tonelli explains: “Under the leadership of Giuseppe Remuzzi, the focus was on raising awareness in lowincome settings by communicating that kidney disease is common and treatable.”

Thanks to success stories in Mongolia, Nepal and China, lots of data now exists. Many clinical research projects have contributed to the 0by25 initiative, which states that nobody should die of preventable and treatable acute kidney injury by 2025. Funding also continues to be awarded to projects focusing on AKI.

Tonelli says: “We now want to look at the effect of the burden of kidney disease, point to the need for intervention and close gaps in care regionally.”

Building capacity is a continuing priority with the ISN Clinical Research Program taking example from the ISN Sister Renal Centers Program trio initiative. The goal is for leaders from successful projects to become mentors and help develop more research by partnering with a less advanced institution within their own region.

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