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APSN and JSN CME 2017

The Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN) and the Japanese Society of Nephrology (JSN) recently held their Continuing Medical Education course (CME) in Sendai, Japan. This annual event first began in 2014 to educate and build international communication for young nephrologists in the Asia Pacific region. It has been going strong ever since, encouraging the global nephrology community to learn from each other.

Over 60 physicians and researchers attended the course this time. Topics under discussion included expert lectures on various practical topics such as chronic kidney disease of uncertain etiology and educational case-based presentation, getting attendees engaged in fruitful discussion. Aside from the local Japanese medical community, participants came from among others China, Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan.

Many thanks to everybody for taking part, including JSN President Naoki Kashihara, Chair of the International Affairs of the Japanese Society of Nephrology and Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology CME committee Masaomi Nangaku as well as President of the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology Philip K.T. Li and ISN President David Harris.

Recently, ISN and JSN signed a Declaration of Collaboration at the 60th JSN Congress in Sendai, Japan. The two nephrology societies will collaborate to advance knowledge of kidney diseases through research, and to improve awareness, diagnosis and management to eliminate kidney diseases worldwide. CLICK HERE.

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