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Five worthwhile reasons to become an ISN Affiliated Society

As a growing national society, it is a challenge to generate new members and retain them, promote activities and build a voice while raising awareness about the cause of patients with kidney disease. Bringing in some support by joining a global nephrology community will effectively strengthen your position as a Society.

Our community is already made up of 99 Affiliated Societies. The Congolese Society of Nephrology is the most recent society to have joined our ranks, HERE. Overall, we reach out to more than 30,000 nephrology-related professionals across the world. See who else has joined, HERE.

Many ISN Affiliated Societies are also successfully lobbying health authorities and creating awareness on a global scale based on knowledge they have gathered from regional necessities and situations.

Here are five of the best reasons to join our club…

Claim collective membership

With ISN Collective Membership you can offer at least half your members the chance to be part of ISN too. They sign up for a reduced membership rate, HERE.

Organize joint events

You can be first in line to support us in organizing a joint event, including the World Congress of Nephrology and/or an ISN Frontiers meeting. Read more HERE.

Get the ISN seal of approval

Your courses and events can benefit from our endorsement, broadening the scope of the participants you want to attract. Look at our calendar of events, HERE.

Share your courses or events on our website and e-newsletters

Promote information and your courses and events on our website and e-newsletters, directly reaching the rest of our members and leaders.

It’s quick and easy

Simply complete the application form, HERE. We also need a letter of intent and a few more documents for the ISN Executive Committee to approve of the membership.

Written by Christine Castille and Dr. Mauricio Jarquín Iglesias, President of the Nicaraguan Society of Nephrology.

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