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14th National Convention and International CME of Bangladesh Renal Association

ISN took part in the 14th Bangladesh Renal Association (BRA) meeting, organized in Dhaka from December 11 to 12, 2017. Representatives from the ISN included ISN President-Elect Vivekanand Jha and ISN President David Harris. Dr. M. Muhibur Chowdhury, Vice President of BRA, and Harun-Ur-Rashid, Vice President of BRA were present as both are members of the Organizing committee and sit on the ISN Council.

Harun Rashid, Founding President of the Kidney Foundation and Research Institute, delivered the Dr. Matiur Rahman Award Oration, and Dr. Matiur Rahman was honored with the inaugural BRA Lifetime Achievement Award for his numerous contributions  and as the founder of nephrology in Bangladesh.

As a lower-middle-income country, Bangladesh faces enormous challenges. According to Prof. Muhammad Rafiqul Alam, President of BRA, about 20 million people in Bangladesh suffer from some sort of kidney disease, with the incidence of glomerulonephritis, diabetes and hypertension, the three major causes of CKD, rapidly increasing.

About 30,000 patients develop end-stage kidney disease every year, but only 10% of them can be managed by dialysis or transplantation, due to an absence of facilities or finances. ISN will continue to work with the local nephrologists to advance kidney care in Bangladesh.

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