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Building up the global nursing community

Through our partnership with the Canadian Society of Nephrology Nurses and Technologists (CANNT), we are setting out to help nurses in lower-middle-income countries benefit from free ISN Academy membership.

Like us, CANNT is committed to supporting nurses globally. Every Canadian nurse who signs up as either an ISN Academy member or ISN Full member before December 31st, 2018, will also sponsor a nurse in a low-resource country.

As a nurse based in Canada and a new member of ISN, this is what I’m looking forward to the most about sponsoring a fellow nurse in a low- or middle-income country. It’s a great experience for each and every one of us!

Connect with nurses worldwide

Being a member of ISN helps nurses to connect globally with other renal health professionals including fellow nurses to exchange ideas on evolving best practices

Easily access education resources

It opens access to ISN resources including the ISN Academy tools and courses at the click of a mouse, which is useful in the day-to-day work of nurses

The importance of volunteering

Being connected to volunteer opportunities in low-resource settings across the globe.

Make a difference even from home

Many nurses wish to contribute to renal health in low-income countries but are not able to leave home for periods of time, linking with ISN allows for the ability to participate without leaving home.

A unique experience

The ISN/CANNT nurse sponsorship program is one of a kind, I can’t wait to meet the nurse I am sponsoring! Through email and skype it will be easy to connect and share ideas!

Visit our membership page and pick a package tailored to your needs.

 It’s great opportunity to give each nurse to chance to learn and share knowledge!

Michel Trask RN
Kidney Health Professionals
Working Group member
Help us advance kidney health worldwide
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