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The ISN approves governance changes for increased inclusion and representation

Starting in 2016, instigated and shepherded by ISN leadership, ISN embarked on an important strategic review to ensure that the Society continued to reflect its members and serve them. Our journey resulted in ISN strengthening its purpose through a new vision, mission and values and the way in which the Society is governed.

Our vision, mission and values are easily accessible on our website but you may not be aware of all the changes to our governance, which are partially enacted through our new and improved Bylaws and various processes at ISN.

For our busy members, we offer you a need-to-know list of new and ongoing changes to ISN’s governance:

  • Broadening membership inclusivity: Allied health professionals, such as nurses, dieticians or renal technicians, holding a health-related doctoral degree can now become a full member of ISN
  • New Council: A big change – Regional Board Chairs and Deputy Chairs will now form our Council, together with the ISN President. Each of ISN’s 10 regions will have 2 representatives on Council, meaning equal representation on Council for each region.
  • ISN members to vote for ISN President-Elect & Regional Board Deputy Chairs: The advent of the 2019 ISN Leadership elections on 1 February 2019 marks a new way of electing ISN’s future President and Council members. ISN members eligible to vote can now:
    • vote for ISN’s next President-Elect (who will serve 2 years in this role, before becoming President)
    • vote for the Regional Board Deputy Chair for their region only (the Deputy Chair will serve 2 years in the role, before becoming and serving as Chair for 2 years, serving a total of 4 years on Council).
  • ISN Supporting Groups: Apart from our Executive Committee and Council, ISN now has three other major governance groups – committees, working groups and advisory groups. We are in the process of transitioning to these new groups, including making sure groups have clear objectives and outputs and can support us to deliver our many activities!
  • ISN now sends calls to members for various leadership positions: ISN now sends calls to its members to express their interest or nominate others to become a leader of various groups (usually, committees or working groups). Keep an eye out for our calls if you are interested in becoming a future leader of ISN!
  • Regional Boards: Are the regional representatives of the ISN, and also a major means of integration with our Affiliated Societies. We are working to strengthen the way Regional Boards work and the way they are supported.
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion & Declaration of Interests: One major focus in 2019 will be on critically evaluating our approach to and implementing best practices to promote equity, diversity and inclusion at ISN. We will also continue to improve our approach to declaration of interests.
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