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ISN Webinar: Get tips to apply for the ISN Educational Ambassadors Program

Since 2009, the ISN Educational Ambassadors Program has helped some 125 institutions in 56 countries benefit from hands-on training courses. Watch this free ISN webinar to see how you can host an ISN Educational Ambassador and learn from an experienced professional.

The ISN Educational Ambassadors Program can lend you the support you need to set up a new service or offer tailored training.

This webinar gives you a recap of what the program has to offer, how best to apply and illustrates how other members benefitted from the experience.

Watch now!

  • Learn about ISN, purpose and benefits of the Program
  • See first-hand how easy it is to apply
  • Gather the practical information you need to start
  • Get all your questions answered
  • Hear about the stories and the challenges that may arise.

Find out more about the ISN Educational Program HERE. Applications for this program are accepted all year long. However, make sure to send your application three months before the date of the training workshop you wish to organize.

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