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AKI care training in Amazon launches Kidney Care Network in Brazil

As part of the Kidney Care Network project, a two-day acute kidney injury (AKI) training was held in Santarém at the NACE-NUMETROP regional hospital on May 13-14, 2019 with approximately 30 healthcare workers, among which nurses, doctors, internal medicine residents and medical/nurse graduate students from 4 health care centers in the Amazonian state of Pará.

The training is part of the next phase of the 0by25 initiative, called the Kidney Care Network project, which implements certain interventions identified and proven as impactful by the 0by25 Pilot Feasibility Study into routine clinical care in selected sites in Bolivia, Nepal, Brazil and South Africa. This is done to improve the standard of care in acute kidney injury detection and management in these countries in a way that is appropriate and sustainable in the local setting.

Local experts train all relevant healthcare workers at the sites like in Santarém, Brazil, using educational materials evaluated as successful in the Pilot Feasibility Project.

‘We continue to collect data to measure the impact of this implementation project,” says David Harris, co-lead of the Kidney Care Network project, ‘this data will be crucial when engaging with local health authorities in the future to seek their support and ensure the interventions proposed become part of normal clinical care in the long term.’ Brazil has begun collecting data on AKI patients this month and will do so for the next 1-2 years.

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