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ISN launches major capacity building partnership in Indonesia

As part of a partnership with the Indonesian Society of Nephrology (PERNEFRI) aiming to increase access to integrated kidney care programs in Indonesia, the ISN and PERNEFRI have launched an initiative towards achieving ‘Centers of Excellence’ in Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) across Indonesia’s 13 geographically-diverse districts. 13 key institutions (one in each district) have been identified to partake in a multi-year training program paired with an expert Supporting Center from the surrounding region, ultimately aiming to achieve recognition as a PD Center of Excellence. These centers will then in turn train and support other hospitals in their respective district and be responsible for each district’s planning for the nation-wide PD registry. 

This initiative has garnered the support of Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, and capacity building activities have already begun in 8 of the 13 districts. The identified centers will be evaluated on an annual basis against pre-defined criteria to determine if they have achieved ‘Center of Excellence’ status. Activities are currently programmed for the next 2 years.

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