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Three Days Until World Kidney Day

The fifteenth edition of World Kidney Day takes place on Thursday, March 12, 2020.

 This global campaign highlights the importance of kidneys to overall health and raises awareness of risk factors to reduce the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated health problems.

The 2020 campaign focuses on preventive interventions to avoid the onset and progression of kidney disease calling for “kidney health for everyone everywhere – from prevention to detection and equitable access to care.”

 Early prevention and delay of progression of kidney diseases through educational campaigns, patient empowerment, cross-disciplinary training for medical personnel, and integrated programs for non-communicable diseases are sustainable options to reduce the cost and consequences of these conditions for both individuals and countries.

 The World Kidney Day Campaign owes its success to the enthusiasm and dedication of members of the public, doctors, politicians, and celebrities. This support is essential to the campaign’s ultimate goal: preventing kidney diseases and improving the lives of those living with kidney diseases.

Celebrate on March 12 by promoting a positive message of prevention through a healthy lifestyle. And support people living with or recovering from kidney disease by sharing online using the hashtag #WorldKidneyDay.

Help us advance kidney health worldwide
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