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ISN-H4KH Grant Awardee Publishes Research Findings

“High water intake and low urine osmolality are associated with favorable metabolic profile at a population level: low vasopressin secretion as a possible explanation” by ISN Hydration For Kidney Health (ISN-H4KH) Research Grant awardee, Sofia Enhörning, was published in the European Journal of Nutrition in February.

Sofia Enhörning et al, investigated if low total water intake or high u-Osm correlated with high fp-copeptin and components of the metabolic syndrome at the population level finding that low concentrations of the vasopressin marker copeptin were linked to high water intake, low u-Osm, and a favorable metabolic profile.

In 2015, Dr. Sofia Enhörning, from Skåne University Hospital in Malmö, Sweden, received an ISN Research Grant, with support from Danone Nutricia Research, for her project: “Plasma copeptin as a predictor of, and copeptin associated loci in, cardiorenal disease – population based prospective cohort studies and a mendelian randomization approach.”

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