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The Young Nephrologists Committee Welcomes New Members

The Young Nephrologists Committee (YNC) is excited to welcome seven new members representing different regions of the globe:

  1. Alexandra Cambier, from France, is a pediatric nephrologist and immunologist with a specialty in pediatric IgA nephropathy. Her primary research interest is the identification of biomarkers for IgA nephropathy in children. She joined the YNC partly to share and explore differences in treatment between children and adults with kidney diseases.
  2. Yosuke Hirakawa is assistant professor of Nephrology in Tokyo, Japan. He joined the ISN and the YNC to gain an international perspective on nephrology and contribute to the advancement of both the ISN and the Asian Pacific Society of Nephrology (APSN).
  3. Shankar Prasad Yadav is a pediatric nephrology Fellow from Nepal who joined the ISN to contribute to the world of Nephrology. He later joined the YNC as a way to network and to get more involved in ISN’s work.
  4. Nikolay Bulanov, a nephrologist and researcher at Sechenov University in Russia, acknowledges that the ISN takes the needs of young nephrologists into account providing good opportunities to improve skills and knowledge in nephrology.
  5. Lili Zhou is currently a professor of nephrology at the Nanfang Hospital at the Southern Medical University in Guangzhou, China. She has devoted the last 17 years to researching the underlying mechanisms of kidney diseases and designing better therapeutic strategies. By serving on the ISN YNC she hopes to foster her career development and contribute to and benefit from an efficient platform for promoting exchange and communication within an international network of young nephrologists.
  6. Caner Alparslan works in a regional hospital in the southeastern part of Turkey where he has established a pediatric nephrology division including a kidney biopsy facility and a pediatric dialysis center. By joining the YNC he aims to promote interventional nephrology among young nephrologists and create a bridge between the YNC and other societies for mutual scientific benefit.
  7. Sabine Karam is an assistant professor of Nephrology at Saint George Hospital University Medical Center in Beirut, Lebanon. She hopes to enhance nephrology education and care in her country through the academic support that the ISN and the YNC can offer. She looks forward to contributing as much as she can to the expansion of ISN missions in the region and worldwide.
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