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ISN Participates

ISN Participates

In June, ISN was present to interact with the public at the ERA-EDTA Congress.

In July, the ISN was represented at APCN2020. Germaine Wong delivered, ‘Clinical Care of COVID-19 Infection: Perspective of a Frontline Nephrologist’, ISN President-Elect Agnes Fogo presented the Chan Woon-Cheung Award Lecture, and ISN President Vivek Jha gave his talk, ‘Preventive Strategy for CKD based on Global Survey.’

In August, Vivekanand Jha and Aminu Bello represented the ISN on a panel discussion, « A Global Perspective on Kidney Failure” at the Innovations in Dialysis Expediting Advances Symposium (IDEAS). In September, the ISN presented a Joint Workshop Session at the 28th International Congress of The Transplantation Society (TTS), sharing its expertise in the session “Integrated Care of Patients with Kidney Failure from the International Society of Nephrology (ISN).”

ISN President Vivek Jha presented his talk, ‘Immuno-pathogenesis and precision medicine in membranous nephropathy,’ at the virtual 40th Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Nephrology (KSN).

In October, the ISN President presented the opening address, and an “ISN Presents” talk on the impact of COVID in nephrology at the Brazilian Nephrology Congress, and opened the XXII Colombian and International Extended Congress of Nephrology and Transplantation held by the Colombian Association of Nephrology and Arterial Hypertension (ASOCOLNEF).

In November, ISN President Vivek Jha presented his talk, ‘Clinical Issues of COVID-19 in Kidney Care’, and David Harris, ISN past-President, presented his talk ‘Conservative Kidney Management’ at the Annual Meeting of the Indonesian Society of Nephrology under the theme “Integrated Collaboration for Excellent Kidney Care.” ISN President Vivek Jha presented the talk “COVID-19 and Kidneys” at the Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (AZNSN).

In December, the ISN participated at a summit organized by the American Kidney Fund (AKF) to plan strategies to improve understanding of how undiagnosed or misdiagnosed causes of kidney disease directly impact patient care and outcomes.

The ISN looks forward to advancing kidney health, together, in 2021.

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