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ISN 0by25 Study on Improving Early AKI Identification

This 0by25 multicenter, non-randomized study evaluated the feasibility of using point-of-care (POC) serum creatinine and urine dipstick testing alongside an educational program to facilitate the identification and management of AKI in three low-resource countries.

Access the study here.

The researchers hypothesized that a lack of awareness of and access to diagnostic and therapeutic care contributed to the variations in community-acquired AKI outcomes. The ISN 0by25 appraisal successfully demonstrated the advantages of a symptom-based health assessment risk score combined with a POC creatinine and urine dipstick test in early recognition of kidney disease.

The ISN launched the AKI 0by25 initiative in 2013 in response to the growing prevalence of AKI, to reach 0 preventable AKI deaths worldwide by 2025.

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