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Celebrating ISN Collective-Member Societies: The Swiss Society of Nephrology

Throughout 2021, the ISN will present a series of interviews with our Collective-Member Societies.

For this edition, we interviewed Rudolf P. Wüthrich, President of the Swiss Society of Nephrology. This society has been an ISN Collective-Member for over a decade.

In 2019, the ISN launched a new partnership with the Swiss Society of Nephrology and the Cameroon Society of Nephrology (CASONEPH), ISN Affiliated Society, to establish a joint program between Yaoundé 1 and Geneva Universities. The project has launched a clinical research trial, provided equipment and training to staff at the Yaoundé University Teaching Hospital, and plans to support a six-month residency to a Fellow from Cameroon as soon as coronavirus-related restrictions are lifted.

The ISN asked the  Swiss Society of Nephrology how they had adapted to pandemic restrictions. Despite the challenges, the society is continuing to develop and expand in scope.

Dr. Wüthrich reported that all training programs had continued as best as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic at the various Swiss hospitals involved. Many hospitals switched part of their training activities to virtual meetings, such as their journal club and biopsy conferences.Despite current limitations, the Society organized a virtual General Assembly and founded a “Young Swiss Nephrology” group. Having a strong interest in quality assurance (QA), the society plans to establish a QA working group over the coming year.

ISN Collective-Member Societies are a valued part of the ISN community. Find out more on this category of membership here.

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