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Follow the POCUS Curriculum on the ISN Academy

The new POCUS curriculum on the ISN Academy aims to encourage the nephrology community’s interest in the procedure and provides the basics to start scanning.

With the growth of point of care ultrasound (POCUS) in the emergency room and intensive care and cardiac units, a full POCUS examination is now considered standard procedure in many hospitals, adding a contemporary examination tool to the nephrologist’s repertoire.

ISN members can access the course here.

The curriculum comprises five topics led by experts in the field of POCUS:

  • Renal Ultrasonography: Performance
  • Kidney Transplant Ultrasound
  • Introduction to Lung Ultrasonography for the Nephrologist
  • Basics of Echocardiography for the Nephrologist
  • The Fluid Exam

An evaluation is available at the end of the course.

Dr. Andrew Moses, course organizer and lecturer, comments, “Whether being used by beginners or as a refresher, we hope you enjoy the course, and for the beginners, we hope this will be your first step into the larger world of POCUS in Nephrology!”

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