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Review of Current and Future Applications in Artificial Intelligence-assisted Renal Pathology

Agnes Fogo, ISN President-elect, is a co-author on AI Applications in Renal Pathology published in Kidney International.

The paper presents an integrated review on current and future applications in AI-assisted renal pathology, including data collection and analysis in full-stack AI-assisted renal pathology studies and renal pathology-optimized AI techniques.

Since synergetic developments of renal pathology and AI require close collaboration between computer scientists and renal pathologists, perspectives from both parties are examined.

Dr. Fogo comments, “So stimulating and fun to put together renal pathology eyes and knowledge with AI – see our review with great illustrations in KI!”

For more on AI learning, attend the WCN’21 presentation, “Understanding the potential and limitations of AI and deep learning,” delivered by Yoshua Bengio.

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