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Thank You for Participating in WCN’21; Virtual Platform Remains Open for Registered Delegates – Register Now for On-demand Access

The ISN thanks all WCN’21 delegates for their engaged participation in the Virtual World Congress of Nephrology 2021.

After enjoying several days of Raising-the-Curtain sessions and pre-congress courses, President Vivek Jha (2019-2021) welcomed attendees to the main congress on Friday, April 16. His presidential address was followed by a timely Stewart Cameron lecture on propaganda and misinformation in the COVID era delivered by Timothy Caulfield.

Vivek Jha opened the ISN Global Kidney Policy Forum later the same day by launching the ISN-WHO framework for developing dialysis programs in low-resource settings.  Soumya Swaminathan, Aminu Bello, Sir George Alleyne, and Adeera Levi addressed key kidney health challenges and opportunities affecting the North America and Caribbean region, and worldwide.

On Saturday, April 17, David Hunter delivered the Claude Amiel Lecture on polygenic risk scores outlining their potential role in disease prevention and prognosis.

Young Nephrologists from around the world shared the challenges they face in kidney health today, describing what helped them achieve success and their career aspirations for the future.

On Sunday, April 18, Sir Peter Ratcliffe delivered the Brenner/Dirks lecture on understanding cellular oxygen sensing mechanisms and the implications for kidney health.

On Monday, April 19, Sofia Ahmed examined the impact of sex and gender on treatment and outcomes for kidney disease.

WCN’21 abstracts have been published as a supplement to Kidney International Reports and are available to browse on the WCN’21 platform until May 31, 2021. Visual Abstracts are on display here, and special congress editions of the Global Kidney Care Podcast can be accessed here.

After an active and dedicated term taking the lead at ISN, Vivek Jha handed the presidency over to Agnes Fogo (USA), who will serve alongside newly appointed president-elect Masaomi Nangaku (Japan).

Although WCN’21 has formally closed, registered delegates can catch up through recorded sessions on the congress platform until May 31, 2021. Take advantage of our special “on-demand” registration fee to access the WCN’21 platform, including recorded sessions, posters, industry showcase, and more until May 30, 2021.

The ISN is grateful to its hosts, the Canadian Society of Nephrology (CSN) and the Société Québécoise de Néphrologie (SQN), industry sponsors and participants, the ISN Collective-Member and Affiliated Societies, and the dozens of distinguished speakers and countless members who worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

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