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ISN Awareness-building Campaign for the General Public: “A Beginner’s Guide to Kidney Health,” an ISN Global Kidney Care Podcast:

As part of an ongoing educational campaign, the ISN has recorded the podcast “A Beginner’s Guide to Kidney Health, part of ISN’s Global Kidney Care Podcast Series.

The podcast features Professor Ifeoma Ulasi, Nigeria, ISN Executive Committee and Advocacy Working Group (AWG) member, and the late Professor Donal O’Donoghue, United Kingdom, chair of the AWG at the time of recording. They examine the vital role of kidneys, the most common kidney diseases, and discuss how best to maintain optimum kidney health. In addition, they provide recommendations for policymakers on how best to prevent and manage the increasing global burden of kidney disease.

The ISN developed this initiative to increase understanding in the general public on the fundamental role of kidneys in overall health and the importance of keeping their kidneys healthy. Awareness-raising is especially important because of the “silent” nature of kidney diseases: A lack of apparent early symptoms can lead to a severe loss of functionality before patients seek help.1

This educational gap subsists despite millions of premature deaths each year from kidney disease-related complications and over 850 million kidney disease sufferers worldwide;2 double the number of people who live with diabetes and 20 times greater than the global prevalence of cancer.

Given the vital need to raise awareness of kidney health, the ISN invites all to share this podcast with their network.

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