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Viviane Calice-Silva, from Brazil, was awarded an ISN Clinical Research Grant in 2014. This grant allowed her to investigate the use of salivary urea nitrogen (SUN) dipsticks for acute kidney injury detection in areas with low diagnostic resources.

Her study was later replicated in Africa, and different steps of the project have been published in separate papers (listed below). She continues to work alongside a team in Africa on various research projects. She says, “SUN strips are still under study, and we believe their application in special settings can improve AKI detection.”

Viviane is keen to work alongside ISN toward its mission to guarantee universal coverage to kidney failure patients worldwide, stating, “To me, this is one of the biggest challenges we have as a nephrology community.” To this end, Viviane is currently working with peritoneal dialysis (PD) and CKD stage 3-5 patients and hopes to generate reliable scientific evidence on CKD management and PD use in disadvantaged areas.

Last year, Viviane was selected for inclusion in the first cohort of candidates for the ISN’s new Emerging Leaders Program (ELP).

Viviane is one of the hundreds of ISN members dedicating time and energy to advancing worldwide kidney health, together. Read more inspiring accounts in the ISN@Work Gallery on the WCN’21 platform until May 31, 2021.

Access Viviane’s scientific papers here:

Saliva Urea Nitrogen Dipstick – a Novel Bedside Diagnostic Tool for Acute Kidney Injury

Saliva Urea Nitrogen Continuously Reflects Blood Urea Nitrogen after Acute Kidney Injury Diagnosis and Management: Longitudinal Observational Data from a Collaborative, International, Prospective, Multicenter Study

Diagnostic Performance of a Saliva Urea Nitrogen Dipstick to Detect Kidney Disease in Malawi

A Salivary Urea Nitrogen Dipstick to Detect Obstetric-Related Acute Kidney Disease in Malawi

Diagnostic Performance of Salivary Urea Nitrogen Dipstick to Detect and Monitor Acute Kidney Disease in Patients with Malaria

Diagnosis of Acute Kidney Injury in Children Hospitalized in a Sub-Saharan African Unit by Saliva Urea Nitrogen Dipstick Test

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