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Advance Nephrology in Your Region with the ISN Educational Ambassadors Program

Does your center need expert guidance to develop:

  • new initiatives,
  • skills or services,
  • community-based research, or
  • screening programs?

The ISN welcomes applications for the Educational Ambassadors (EA) Program.

We can connect you with a suitable expert to develop and deliver a relevant training program tailored to your needs.

Find out how an EA visit can positively impact your health center by reading about recent collaborations here.

Clinical care guidance from ISN Educational Ambassadors increases confidence in professionals, including nurses and technicians, and helps improve patients’ lives and survival rates.

If you have any questions on the EA Program, please contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.

The ISN monitors the COVID-19 situation carefully and adapts its initiatives to comply with all relevant restrictions.

Help us advance kidney health worldwide
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