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The ISN Welcomes a New Collective-Member Society

The ISN is pleased to welcome the Chinese Medical AssociationChinese Society of Nephrology (CMA-CSN) as an ISN Collective-Member Society.

The ISN has long enjoyed fruitful collaborations with ISN Members from China:

The ISN has supported 75 Fellows from China, eight within the last five years. Ling Pan, the first ISN-IACN-HKSN Fellow, recently completed her training at the Beijing University Institute of Nephrology in China.

Three centers in China recently received ISN Regional Training Center status.

Seven ISN Clinical Research Program grants have been awarded to researchers in China. In 2019, Ningning Wang won first prize in the ISN Clinical Research Program Awards for her study, “The Effects of Parathyroidectomy on Nocturnal Non-dipping Heart Rate in Stage 5 Kidney Patients,’ which was subsequently published in Endocr Pract in 2021.

Six ISN Sister Renal Centers partnerships involving centers in China have graduated through all levels of the program. Two collaborations are currently active within the initiative, including between the Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH) in China and the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), in the United States. The PUMCH established a comprehensive center for interventional nephrology and conducted in-depth clinical exchanges and research on CKD-MBD and kidney stones through the program.

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