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New Global Collaboration to Accelerate Treatments for Kidney Disease 

The ISN and the George Institute for Global Health have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a network of patients with kidney disease willing to participate in clinical research projects, accessible through a single global CKD platform. The aim of the Global Kidney Patient Trials Network (GKPTN) is to accelerate the development of new treatments for kidney disease, which may ultimately benefit millions of people globally.

Finding participants who are suitable for and willing to participate in clinical studies is time-consuming. The GKPTN collaboration will help to establish a global network of willing patients who can be contacted quickly when an appropriate study becomes available. In doing so, the network will expand research capacity and connect the global kidney disease community. It could also help facilitate more rapid translation of new interventions for kidney disease into clinical practice.

To achieve the key objectives of this collaboration, a global umbrella network of established patient trial networks/registries, “The ISN Patient Trials Network”, will also be created.

By collaborating with other established ventures worldwide, GKPTN will be the initial member of the ISN Patient Trials network.

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