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An End-of-Year Message From the Young Nephrologists Committee

By Marina Wainstein, ISN YNC chair

As we say farewell to what has been another year of unsettling adversity, we search ahead for calmer seas and opportunities to reconnect with colleagues and friends to nurture our shared passion for kidney care.

There has never been a more important time to engage with global nephrology, to understand the wider implications of the pandemic, and examine the knowledge gaps and lessons we’ve encountered along the way.

As we prepare for what promises to be a fantastic World Congress of Nephrology 2022 (WCN’22), the Young Nephrologists Committee (YNC) has crafted several sessions to address those gaps and highlight the issues and topics most relevant to young nephrologists.

Our main session, appropriately titled “The Future is Bright: Young Nephrologists in Action!” examines the impact of COVID-19 on the training and clinical unit of young nephrologists from Brazil, Nepal, and Norway. This will be a unique opportunity to understand how our peers have tackled some of the challenges of the past two years, often with significantly fewer resources but incredible ingenuity!

The YNC will commemorate the 12th anniversary of Malaysia’s first peritoneal dialysis (PD) program by hosting a round table with nephrologists from Mexico, Senegal, and Malaysia to look at countries with different PD strategies and how they have helped better manage their patients and resources.

The YNC session will end with the Young Nephrology Awards for Best Basic Science and Clinical Abstracts with a brief presentation from each recipient.

Don’t miss the YNC Spotlight session to hear about opportunities for young nephrologists within the ISN: We’ll hear from young nephrologists involved in the ISN Emerging Leaders Program, the ISN Mentorship Program, and the ISN Sister Renal Centers Program.

Connecting with colleagues at the young nephrologist social event on the virtual platform SpatialChat will be a highlight of YNC WCN’22 activities. This year, we’ve decided to explore new ways of getting to know each other, particularly our mentors and leaders, whom we often admire from a distance but know very little about personally. So do join our social event: “Let’s Get Close and Personal” and ask them questions yourself! We’ve invited some ISN leaders and trailblazers, and we plan to put them to the test with fun quizzes and games.

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